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Welcome to my first (and hopefully last) blog! I hope to make this a space were people can find something interesting and/or amusing as I share my adventures in the wild, wild world of software development. It started as a place to host a post I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks about reactjs after a friend suggested me to give it a go. Once that post is live, I hope to add more entries as new challenges come along and present opportunities to learn more cool stuff to share :)

To know more about me (not that there’s any perceivable benefit or pleasure to be derived therefrom), check out the about page.

Parsing ginormous JSON files via jq streaming

### External PostThis is a cheeky little post I wrote in 2018 documenting how to use jq (not relation to jQuery) to parse over a GB work ...… Continue reading

Creating a musical (data) pipeline

Published on February 09, 2018

Isomorphic React apps in PHP via dnode - 4

Published on June 21, 2015